DIY Projects That Will Help You Become Artistic


Do you spend the day watching Martha Stewart on the TV and thinking to yourself whether you can do the art and crafts that she has been doing? Do you find yourself looking at the things at your home and planning on recycling them? Or are you artistic and would like to channel out your creative side.  Why not try doing a Do-It-Yourself project! Many have been getting their hands dirty with these small art projects. May it be for small parties, special events, gift giving or just random stuffs at home that you want to upgrade, there is always a handmade project waiting for you.

Do you have an old shoe that you have not used for a long time and have been left stuck inside the cabinet? Why not dust it off and get your paint ready so that you can put a design on it. You can have any colored sneakers as long as the colors you will be using are vivid and bright. You can even use studs, sequence and beads to add a dash of colors to your design. If you don’t have sneakers you can also use slip-ons as long as the materialused is cloth. Another great home project is throw pillow covers.

Art-imageIf you have a white throw pillow cover or any pastel colored cover, then you can prepare them for your next project. For this one you will use Sharpie ink, alcohol, cotton buds and of course, a blow dryer. If you don’t have hair dryer, you can left it to dry. Any design will do but for starters you can do a feather design. Flatten the pillow case and start drawing your feathers. Once your down, dab the cotton buds with the alcohol and follow the drawing to smudge it. After that you can leave it out to dry or blow dry it as well.

Is there a party coming up yet you have not though of what to give? How about creating an art design for a candle light yarn jar. It’s pretty simple. Pick up those glass jars from the kitchen and clean them up. Tie the ropes or yarn on the body of the jar randomly creating spaces in between. Then paint the jar in random colors. Choose any color that you like. One jar can even have multiple colors in it. Right after painting them, leave them to dry. After that, you can untie the rope or jar and voila! You have an artistic candle holder as a gift.

Do you look at your counter top and see all white? Your plates are white, your saucers are white, your bowls are white and your tea cups are also white. Doesn’t that make your kitchen utensils boring and would like to add a bit of personality in to them? Then take out those white tea cups and black sharpie marker so that you can get going.

Before you start make sure the tea cups are very dry before applying your design. Using your sharpie marker, you can write the names of your loved ones and design them so that when they do come over, they can see their names in it and will be amazed with your creative artwork. Aside from the tea cups, you can also use those old colorful plastic containers cut the top then use a cloth iron to smoothen the top. From that you can then use the lower part as a container for your pencils, brushes and such.

There are so many things to do if you only use your imagination. There are limitless design with everything that you put your mind in to. So start creating art at home!